Investing in Infrastructure

Making the Gas Tax Fund, which will be $2 billion in 2009–10, a permanent measure, allowing municipalities to better plan and finance their long-term infrastructure needs.

  • Setting aside up to $500 million to support capital investments in public transit.
  • Announcing the establishment of PPP Canada Inc. to support public-private partnerships.

Supporting People in Need With:

  • $110 million to the Mental Health Commission of Canada to support innovative demonstration projects to develop best practices to help Canadians facing mental-health and homelessness challenges.
  • $282 million over this and the next two years to expand the Veterans Independence Program to support the survivors of veterans.

Investing in the Health and Safety of Canadians With:

  • $113 million over two years to support Canada’s Food and Consumer Safety Action Plan.
  • $33 million over two years to ensure greater safety of natural health products.
  • $25 million over two years to provide Canadians with better information on the links between pollution and illness.
  • New tax compliance and enforcement measures to reduce the availability of contraband tobacco products.
  • The broadening of the Medical Expense Tax Credit.
  • A Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) exemption to help individuals cope with disabilities or disorders, such as autism, and an expanded list of GST/HST-free medical and assistive devices.